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Repair Manual for Uncle Sam and America



Today we are broke and in debt, we have wasted our wealth on needless wars, our drug problems have not abated, our prisons are overcrowded, illegals mooch off our system, our health care system is broke along with our Social Security, we are in trouble and there is no more American Dream.

Our government does not understand globalization and we are losing jobs because of it. Our politicians are stalemated along party lines and nothing is done to benefit the people. This Repair Manual points out our greatest dangers and offers simple rational, logical solutions to fix the problems.

The Repair Manual for Uncle Sam and America is written to cut through the infinite mass of psycho-babble that has been thrown at the American people for decades. Thousands of books and articles have been written to analyze our problems, yet with all that verbiage we have not fixed anything.

At one time America had a great world image, a great economy, it was a land of opportunity for everyone, where is all that now? Today we must start to fix it, restore it because the road we are on today will lead to anarchy and then to a totalitarian socialist state.